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    what if Cas and Dean were at an ancient church and theres a painting of a baby angel and Dean jokingly says “aw Cas it looks like you” and Cas goes “that is me” and thEY LOOK AT CAS AS A BABY AND UGHH


    “and that naked one flipping off the pope is Gabriel”

    and that naked one flipping off the pope is Gabriel


    Cheers for the Pepsi-Angel!

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  • Happy 40th Birthday Misha Collins! Thanks for being the generous, entertaining, enthusiastic, encouraging, life-ruining, beautiful human that you are!

    If you want to celebrate Misha’s birthday, perform a Random Act of Kindness or donate to Random Acts here.

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  • Jensen Ackles | People’s Choice Awards, january 9 2013.

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    a full set of naked Castiel

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  • Misha’s such an inspiration!

    When I first started watching supernatural my favourite characters where Dean and Sam because they had so many interesting and different personalities/characteristics/opinions and they were just the most amazing characters I had ever watch develop and grow! I liked the fact that even though there was so many problems you saw occurring and hidden deep down inside of them they still had quite a close bond. So when i first saw Castiel and the way he sort of intruded into there lives i didnt really like him, but after a while of watching the programme progress with him included in it i realised that actually in fact he had such an interesting persona and so many things he knew and had been through but yet he still decided to be a big part of the Winchesters lives and trust them so much to stick with him, after i realised this i really started to kind of form a better view of him and eventually he became my favourite character not just because of his looks but because of everything he consisted of which included bravery. When i got to know the actor Misha as well thats when i realised that he didnt have the perfect life and childhood like a lot of people and actually he did suffer quite bad experiences and even may of self harmed, so when i heard about people creating a hate day for Misha where everyone that dislikes him can say there problems with him i was so disgusted and utterly ashamed of them people because they were going to try and cause problems for such a amazing, kind hearted, funny, respectful, charming, cheeky and thoughtful person. I guess what i wanted to say was that its an absolute disgrace that people are happy to do this sort of thing. I really hope this thing about a ‘Misha Collins hate day’ is a pathetic prank and that all this talk of the idea has gone because if there really was one i will take it personally and i know a lot of other people will! I know for a fact there is a lot more Misha lovers then haters!! And if there is any chance in any universe that he reads this (which i wish he did but would never happen) or anyone reads this then i hope he knows how much he means to me and thousands/millions of people and he makes there lives a lot better every single day….!!!! If that day was real and has already happened then i am very disheartened by that…Sorry you lot read this but sometimes you have to let off steam right haha??!! WE LOVE YOU MISHA, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!

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